Sonor Safari - All-Maple Drum Kit

Sonor Safari – All-Maple Drum Kit

If you’re looking for an all-maple drum kit, look no further than the Sonor Safari. This drum kit features four plies of Canadian and Chinese maple, and a new die-cast tuning system that prevents tension screws from vibrating loose while playing. It also boasts great-looking finish options. Whether you’re in the market for a new bass drum, or you’re just looking to upgrade your current drum set, there’s a Sonor Safari for you.

There are several different types of sonor safari drum kits on the market. The Sonor AQ2 is made from 7 layers of maple wood, providing a rich, warm sound. The Smart Mount tom suspension system adds extra sustain and volume. The AQ2 is also available in white pearl wrap and laquer finishes. It is an excellent choice for intermediate and beginner drummers looking for a high-quality, affordable drum kit.

The shells on the Safari Drum Set are made from cross-laminated hardwood with 45-degree bearing edges, which are important components of the Sonor sound. The set also includes Tune-Safe lugs and a durable wrap finish. While the drums are lightweight, they provide solid stability. And, because the drums are remarkably portable, they are perfect for traveling. If you’re looking for a good drum set for your practice room, the Sonor Safari is a great choice.

Sonor’s TuneSafe tuning system prevents tension screws from vibrating loose during playing

The tuning system is designed to keep bars from tipping and causing vibration when played. This feature prevents loosening of the screws and makes the bars safer for children. The bars are firmly attached to the instrument using a resonator box that includes the instrument’s name and note name. So, when your child accidentally tilts a bar, you can easily replace it with a new one.

Sonor’s all-maple shell recipe

The Sonor Safari Shell Set is the third drum set in the line. This drum set offers an innovative design, functional sizes, and finishes, and a sensational full sound. The drums are suited for studio, practice room, and stage use, and make excellent beginner’s sets. The drums are lightweight, with two finishes to choose from. The cymbals are not included, but can be purchased separately.

The Sonor AQ2 Maple Safari drum kit features an all-maple shell recipe that delivers pro-quality tone and musicality. This drum set uses four plies of Canadian and three plies of Chinese maple, and boasts beautiful finishes and new die-cast lugs. The maple shells feature Sonor’s SmartMount tom-mounting system, which reduces metal-on-shell contact.

Sonor’s compact bass drum

Sonor’s AQ2 Maple Safari shell pack is the ideal choice for smaller stage sizes. Its wraps are made of rich broadband maple, and the hardware includes Sonor’s SmartMount tom-mounting system, which reduces metal-on-shell contact, as well as redesigned die-cast lugs. The AQ2 is available in a number of configurations, including a 5.5-inch shell diameter, so it can fit into any drum bag easily.

The Sonor AQ2 series Tom-Toms are suspended using a Smart Mount System, which was developed in Germany. The suspension rail is located directly on the lug, ensuring a low level of shell contact and optimal resonance. The AQ2’s Smart Mount Tom suspension system eliminates the need for a separate stand for the drum’s toms, and makes head changes a breeze.

The AQ2 is also available in five finishes. The PS780 features a titanium finish, while the PS651 comes with white pearl wrap. Sonor also offers a selection of add-on bass drums, which range from a 14-inch maple bass drum. The AQ2 can also be upgraded to include an additional tom or snare.

Aside from a sleek design, the Sonor AQ2 is also incredibly durable, with heavy-duty hoops and mounting hardware.

Sonor's compact bass drum

Compact bass drums have increased in popularity over the last 10 years. The first such set was manufactured by Yamaha in the early 2000s, and was called the Hip-Gig Jr. Kit. Then, Sonor made history by introducing the Safari set, which cost just $350. Other major manufacturers followed suit with sub-four-hundred-dollar kits.

Although the price is a factor, most gigging drummers were buying these kits on impulse due to the low cost. However, the sound quality was lacking and some players felt they had to compromise on size or quality.

While the Hip Gig has been on sale since the ’90s, the Manu Katche Hip Gig Junior is the newest version. Yamaha’s marketing suggests that this kit is aimed at younger drummers, but that’s not necessarily the case. This kit is made from all-birch shells, including the second rack tom.

While the Hip Gig Junior doesn’t have the funky charm of the original, it is more durable than the Breakbeats. The drum’s claws have rubber gaskets, the rack tom is made from matching wood, and the metal badges are screw-mounted on the rack.

Sonor’s portable design

The Sonor Safari offers an extremely portable design, a combination of high-quality maple shell and new SmartMount technology. The drum shell is 7-ply maple with SmartMount and 2.3 mm Power Hoops.

The Sonor AQ2 Series shell packs are also made in Germany, featuring the same high-quality maple shell and 45-degree bearing edge. This drum offers the ultimate in versatility and adaptability, offering five different configurations to fit your playing style.

The portable design of the Sonor AQ2 Maple Safari is a great choice for quieter stages. The maple shell wraps add a rich, resonant sound, while the new hardware has been improved to reduce metal-on-shell contact.

The redesigned die-cast lugs and SmartMount system reduce the risk of metal-on-shell contact. The Sonor AQ2 Maple Safari features an impressive set of features, including new die-cast hardware and a Titanium Quartz finish.

The Sonor Safari’s lightweight, durable design makes it easy to transport the drum kit from one venue to another. The compact design and small-sized drums keep the footprint to a minimum. The 16-inch bass drum provides punchy low-end projection.

Its portable design and lightweight construction make it the ideal choice for many drummers. It is a great choice for younger players who are just starting out on their drumming careers.

The SONOR ProLite series is also available. This series features a thin Vintage Maple shell and a reinforced ring. The thin shell emphasizes the lower pitches while providing a balanced sound throughout the entire tuning range.

SONOR has created the CLTF process with the help of SONOR craftsmen. It is one of the first drums to be developed with this process. With this, SONOR has built a name for itself as a world leader in the percussive world.