Are Eastman Guitars Any Good

Are Eastman Guitars Any Good?

If you are looking to buy a new guitar, you may be wondering if Eastman guitars are any good. Compared to fully domestic companies, Eastman guitars tend to have a more traditional construction with a dovetail neck joint and hand-scalloped braces.

While the quality of the wood is not as high as a fully domestic company’s, many players are willing to settle for slightly lower grade materials and hand-hewn craftsmanship. While they do charge more, the guitars are still well worth the price.

Acoustic guitars

One of the most affordable models of Eastman acoustic guitars is the ES-335. This guitar features no electronics and is meant to be played in small spaces. You can also get an optional sound hole pick-up to improve its sound. The ES-335 is a high quality guitar that is comparable to other models from Martin, such as the Triple-0. The guitar is also fun to play, and its cost is a great factor, too.

Acoustic guitars
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Eastman has a stellar reputation for quality. Their US headquarters are located in San Luis Obispo, California. They employ highly trained experts and are avid players of Eastman guitars. Many renowned artists play Eastman guitars. Aside from their high-end sound and playability, Eastman guitars also have an impressive range of colors, finishes, and features. The company’s mission is to build the best acoustic guitars available, and Eastman guitars are among the best value options on the market.

The company has long been a trusted brand in the guitar industry. Its handcrafted acoustic guitars rival higher-end models, while still being affordable for beginners. This company’s quality is apparent in their guitars, and they’re hand-carved, finished, and set up beautifully. They have a deep understanding of vintage instruments and continue to produce high-quality guitars. The company sells a wide variety of Eastman acoustic guitars and continues to expand their line.


When shopping for a new guitar, one should know that Eastman mandolins are good choices. These instruments are designed to be easy to play, but are also highly customizable. You can buy mandolins with adjustable strings, or go for a traditional acoustic sound. Purchasing a mandolin online is a great option because it allows you to compare different models, and even buy one based on the brand name and model number.

A mandolin can be quite inexpensive, ranging from $50 to $100. But as the quality of woods, materials, and construction increase, so do the prices. The better the woods, the better the construction, and the more decorative hardware, the more expensive a mandolin will be. If you can afford to spend a little more, you can choose a high-quality model for less.

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When buying a mandolin, consider the type of wood that will enhance the tone. Different woods have a different effect on the sound, and a mandolin made with one type of wood will sound different from another. Eastman mandolins can be found in a wide range of prices, so make sure to shop around. By doing your research, you’ll find the perfect mandolin for your budget and playing style.

The Eastman brand began in China and expanded into string instruments. Its history is filled with innovations in materials and construction techniques and exceptional craftsmanship. Washburn is another well-known brand, and one of the oldest mandolin companies in the world. Founded in 1883 in Chicago, the company is renowned for high-quality hand-crafted instruments. Unlike many companies, Eastman mandolins are relatively inexpensive compared to the quality of instruments made in the West.


There are several reasons why Eastman ukuleles are good instruments. The design is simple, with a curved top and a gold sticker on the headstock. The headstock is well below gloss, which means that a clip tuner won’t scrape it. The fretboard is black with chrome open gears, and the Grover tuners are great. The sound quality is also solid.


The sound is warm and percussive. Its sustain is long and lingering, making it ideal for vibrato and melody frills. The volume isn’t loud or quiet, but it’s also good for a beginner. The tone can change over time as the wood and finish mellow. A good ukulele should be loud and clear, yet not screamy.

The price is right, and the quality is excellent. If you’re on a budget, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the price. Eastman is a well-known brand of guitars and ukuleles, and their guitars are reasonably priced. They don’t cost a fortune, and they’re hand-crafted in China by highly trained luthiers.


When looking for a good telecaster guitar, a good place to start is with the Eastman ES-335. This guitar does not feature electronics, but it does have a sound hole pick-up for added versatility. It is also a solid-bodied electric and can be gigged without fear. For a lower price, Eastman offers a solid model that is great for beginners and guitarists who aren’t yet at the professional level.

The T59/v from Eastman has been out for a few years, but the company has recently announced an updated version of it at Winter NAMM 2019. The guitar retains the aged patina, but adds an Antique Red finish, a new hand-made pickguard, and a narrower headstock design. The E20D is a great value, with all of its tried and true woods.

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As the company grows, the quality of its instruments improves. Several legendary players have endorsed Eastman guitars, including Jimmy Page. The brand’s US headquarters is in San Luis Obispo, California. Aside from being affordable, Eastman guitars also boast an outstanding reputation for quality. This has led to a new generation of players flocking to its brands. A great guitar from Eastman can set the tone for your next performance.

Quality is another factor to consider when buying an Eastman telecaster. Compared to Gibson and Fender Custom Shop models, Eastman guitars cost less. They’re also better bang for the buck. But which one is the best? It all depends on the type of player you are. And if you’re new to guitars, an Eastman telecaster is a good place to start.

Cheaper than Martins

If you’re a budget-conscious guitar player, you may want to consider the Eastman brand. While the price of a typical Eastman guitar may be lower than a Martin’s, you’ll still find great guitars from this brand. These guitars are made with premium materials and are generally durable. In addition, you can even get a free neck reset with a Martin purchase. Ultimately, the choice comes down to what you want from your instrument, but you’ll still be happy with your choice.

As for sound, Eastmans have richer, warmer tones than Martins, and some models are even better than Martins. A good example of an Eastman AC420 is a better guitar than a Martin D-28. It also sounds better than a Martin 000-28 and a D-18. Another great Eastman model is the AMI, which replaces Sigma pickups. It also features good voicing.

Eastman uses the same types of wood as Martin, but it uses Asian and EIR instead of authentic mahogany. Eastman also avoids using exotic woods and uses cheaper woods like maple and ebony. These two brands are very similar in price, but Eastman’s acoustic guitars are cheaper than Martins. If you’re a budget-conscious guitar player, consider the E20D. It’s the HD28 killer.

Carved tops

When it comes to buying an electric guitar, a carved top is definitely worth the extra money. Despite their expensive price, Eastman Guitars have a reputation for producing the best guitars on the market.

This is because the guitars are handcrafted by skilled luthiers. Eastman guitars are available in different styles such as acoustic-electric and traditional series. Check out the sound clips of Eastman guitars to learn more about their sound and feel.

Eastman guitars with carved tops are typically made of spruce or Adirondack spruce. These guitars are generally smaller in size than their archtop counterparts but are still very popular among classical guitarists. Some models feature carved tops and are designed with a traditional Venetian cutaway. This design creates a better note separation and full lows.

While they can be played acoustically, they are also fitted with Kent armstrong pickups for the most authentic acoustic sound. If you want a smaller, more affordable guitar, the 604 is a good option. The 604 has a solid soundboard and a thin neck with a slim body and carved top.

A carved top on a solid wood guitar is a great way to add beauty and elegance to an instrument. These guitars can also be used as a musical instrument – some are hollowed out, while others are made of solid wood. If you’re considering buying an acoustic guitar with a carved top, then you’ve come to the right place. This guitar is very easy to play, and you’ll find that it’s worth the extra money. It’s also cheap compared to Martin Triple-0 models.