Jam Session Dude is a project I started because I love music. I love listening to tunes and feeling the rhythms flow through me. I love experimenting with different sounds and creating new musical masterpieces. I have been playing instruments my whole life and am fascinated by the creative process.

I believe I was probably a strange kid.

Magic happens when you combine talented and passionate people who are doing what they love. If you find your passion, you aren’t working. It would be a waste to do it!

I am eager to share my expertise, knowledge, and insightful product reviews. My goal is help you find the perfect instrument and offer tips and tricks to enhance your enjoyment.

Over the years, my musical interests have expanded from the U.S. to all over the globe. I’ve been inspired by the stories of others.

Jam Session Dude, a multi-genre, mostly music blog, focuses on the music industry from, national and global music instruments.